25.08.2010 12:51

APUS in Steel

APUS Beta Steel Attraction

Well, when we heard that we could soon offer the APUS timepieces again and that there was going to be a much wider selection we were glad but we had no idea how cool it would get only a few weeks later.

APUS just launched their OLED model 'Beta' which just like the Alpha is available with a blue, white and red OLED display and features 2 time zones, Date, Year, 2 Alarms and even a timer and a countdown. The main difference and something that many customers have asked for is the bracelet. instead of the leather strap they now use a solid steel bracelet which not only looks- but also feels great. It's hard to believe that we could live without this stylish timepiece - now that we know it exists. Check out the personification of coolness now: APUS Beta