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15.04.2009 23:53

Baselworld 2009

Just like the last couple of years I had a chance to attend the Basel World Fair this year. Basel is "the place to be" for watch manufacturers, retailers, wholesaers and of course enthusiasts.

I did get to see quite a few new collections this year at basel and even though things were slower and quieter than in the past there is still a lot going on in the watch industry.

Breitling announced its first very manufactory movement, Nomos launched a special edition for 20th anniversary of the wall coming down in Berlin (in all shades of grey you can think of) and Ulyssee Nardin presented a mobile phone with a rotor to charge the battery (yes - a rotor just like in an automatic watch). Have a look at the video to see the phone! Ulysee Nardin is not the first company to present phones at the watch fair: Tag Heuer had one as well and Vertu has been there for years...

Well, this is the blog at watch-shop.com so I'll finish with a short video clip of the D&G booth, the Breitling booth (I can't decide which one I like better) and a short clip of the Ulysee Nardin phone: