14.05.2010 21:14

Ruhla Garde Germany

Frequent visitors of our site will have noticed that we recenlty started offering a new brand here. Ruhla Gardé Germany is a brand from a manufacturer that is only about 20min from our headquarters here in Germany and has a very interesting selection of high-quality timepieces 100% Made in Germany at great prices. Gardé is one of the companies in Germany that has the know-how to develop their own movements which are used for a wide range of their watches. In the 1970s / 1980s Ruhla was the home of the most efficient watch manufacturing facilities in the world and even the first German watch in space came from them. Instead of continuing to focus on high quantities at a small price they decided to develop towards great quality at affordable prices but much lower quantities which enabled them to widen their selection. We have not added their whole selection yet but may do so if this collection finds your liking. So we would be glad to hear what you think!