Long live the Certina watch! Sustainability is a top priority for the Swiss company, as Certina's watch experts have been working on creating the perfect watch for over 130 years. Still, the spirit of times constantly brings forth new creations and innovations. The chronographs of this brand are among the most precise timepieces in the world and do not deviate from the correct time by more than six seconds a day. Now we are setting the course for you to get one of the coveted models directly to your home!

Certina watches - We take a close look!

The brothers Adolf and Alfred Kurth founded the Swiss Certina Kurth Frères factory in Grenchen in 1888, which has its current headquarters in Le Locle. To this day, their watchmaking art is characterised by reliable and precise work. The brand has been world-famous since 1985 at the latest, when it merged with other Swatch Group brands. The brand name is derived from the Latin "certus", which means "certain" or "safe". 

Double security in precision and resistance is provided by the Certina DS series, whose abbreviation stands for "double security" and scores with chronometers and chronographs in COSC-certified quality. For example, a Caimano or Podium chronograph functions through its innovative Precidrive technology. This means that the maximum rate deviation per year is only ten seconds!

Certina watches for ladies and gentlemen

Three characteristics are high on Certina ladies' and men's watches: renewal, progress and accuracy. The company actively supports the environment and participates in research projects to promote sustainable living in harmony with nature. Sustainability is emphasised in the company's own automatic watches, chronometers and all certina men's and ladies' watches, which are durable, robust and low-maintenance. If you take a closer look at the design of the Certina logo, you will notice the green turtle shell. This reflects the particularly high durability of the Certina ladies' or men's watch.

Around the clock - from classic models to modernity

Watch lovers can choose from various models from the respective Certina collection. Whether automatic movements or high-precision quartz - each piece of jewellery has its own individual characteristics. But there is one thing that both the traditional timepiece and the modern luxury watch have in common: high durability!

Certina DS - The principle of double protection

Are you looking for an inexpensive watch that nevertheless stands out from the average with its performance? Then the chronographs of the DS series are just right for you. The movements work so precisely that times can be stopped down to the hundredth of a second. The case made of 316L stainless steel not only protects the crown from everyday shocks, but also the skin from allergies. The metal layer has only a low and harmless nickel content, so that even people with allergies can access a model without any problems.

Action - and Ready!

Certina was already a sponsor of the Swiss Formula 1 team Sauber from 2005 to 2015 and still stands for its high speed with very safe conditions. With the Action series, extreme sportsmen like bikers and mountain hikers can do their rounds immediately. Step by step, the sporty watch remains protected from external influences in wind and weather in its titanium or stainless steel case. 

Heritage - back to the beginning

Simple but original: these are the watches from the Heritage collection in their new interpretation. Timeless watchmaking meets the innovative spirit of the 21st century. With these pieces of jewellery, you bring a piece from the past directly into the present. With a power reserve of up to 80 hours, like the Powermatic, you will always be able to keep an eye on the time.

Priska - glitz, glamour and gold

The Priska series immediately catches the eye with its models featuring a gold dial and case. They are made of 18-carat real gold. This means that the fine gold content is around 75 percent, which creates a warm shine. 18 ct is also found in jewellery such as necklaces and rings, so the watch can be worn as a chic piece of jewellery around the wrist. The hands lie under a shatter- and scratch-proof sapphire crystal, which is the hardest substance in the world after diamonds. 

Order Certina watches online at Zeitlounge

Watch lovers are used to it: a high-quality ladies' or men's watch comes from Switzerland and is shipped around the world. In our online shop, you can also have wristwatches sent to you from German production sites such as Glashütte and Co. These include the watch brands Junghans and Bruno Söhnle, among others. Do you want to stick with Swiss precision? Tissot has been around since 1853 and offers a similarly extensive range as Certina.

If you still have questions and are looking for help in making a decision, we will be happy to assist you by phone. For example, should your watch be waterproof like a diver's watch? We can quickly tell you whether your desired product can compete with diving watches. From the Action or Heritage to the Priska, our watch experts will give you all the information you need to know. Simply reach for your favourite watch.