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A successful outfit skilfully underlines the wearer's assets and enchants with individuality appropriate to her type, illustrating her personal taste in fashion. Such an exquisite look thrives on the lovingly coordinated details that become the highlight of the entire appearance. What better way to achieve this than with an exclusive ladies' watch?

Find an affordable ladies' wristwatch in the Watches Online Shop and never take it off again

Are you looking for a reliable wristwatch or a precise chronograph that will always show you the time in everyday life? Or do you need a watch that adds that certain something to your outfit? Alongside jewellery such as rings, necklaces or bracelets, watches for women are valuable accessories that express your individual personality. At the same time, the pieces of jewellery show you the exact time around the clock. So you can keep a cool head even in moments of stress.

With the multi-faceted ladies' models from renowned watch brands, the function of the precise time indication is rounded off by a beautiful design. In our online shop, you can purchase such a luxurious piece of jewellery at a very reasonable price. The wristwatch for women can be combined in many ways and presents itself as a successful symbiosis of appealing looks and everyday functionality. As a precise timekeeper, the timepiece on the wrist becomes a constant companion that simplifies life with a variety of additional functions. Think, for example, of a dial that glows in the dark to keep a clear view even at night. Or put your trust in an 80-hour power reserve and more in selected novelties, so that you can concentrate fully on everyday life.

In our outlet, you will find equally beautiful automatic and quartz wrist watches, which are available in many different designs. You can choose these to suit your individual sense of style, so you won't want to take them off soon.

Ladies' watches from well-known brands

Discover brand variety and finest quality at a low price, offered to you at Zeitlounge. Traditional watch manufacturers stand for quality and excellence and therefore ensure maximum accuracy of the wristwatch. The classic Swiss watch craftsmanship lives on in the stylish ladies' watches of renowned watch brands such as Festina and Frederique Constant, inside which a precise movement beats and ensures timeless beauty. In this way, precision and a unique design come together in the shapely models, giving our watches a fascinating expressiveness. 

In addition to the classic great watch manufacturers, our assortment inspires with a multitude of lifestyle watch brands that constantly reinterpret the classic timepiece in their countless collections. From noble, puristic and timeless to futuristic or extravagant, you will find the right model for every taste in the Zeitlounge online shop. Impressively fashionable - without being a burden on the wallet – Esprit ladies' watches, among others, are a good choice. With Swatch ladies' watches, you are choosing one of the world's most popular brands in Swiss quality at an affordable price. Fossil ladies' watches combine classic elements with modern functionality. If you prefer a touch of glamour in watches and jewellery, you will love the DKNY ladies' watches. 

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Alongside chic bags and exquisite jewellery, fashionable watches are regarded by men and women alike as individualised accessories to round off an outfit and give it an individual touch. In contrast to men's watches, the ladies' version is usually smaller and more filigree. Whether for yourself or as a gift: Besides the appearance, it is primarily the inner values that count. With high-quality manufacture and selected materials such as stainless steel and sapphire glass, these watches can accompany you for a long time and represent a real investment. When choosing the right piece of jewellery made of quartz or as an automatic watch and co, our range opens up an almost endless choice.

Glamorous watches in gold, rose gold and silver: What does a watch say about its wearer? 

The small or large treasures that fashion-conscious women around the world wear on their wrists complement every outfit to perfection. That's why you also make a unique statement with each magnificent specimen, which says more about the watch wearer than you might initially think. These include, among others, the following features:

  • A wristwatch in a no-frills design with clear shapes suggests a wearer who knows what she wants. 
  • A regular glance at a watch reduced to the essentials in cool silver gives structure to your hectic everyday life. 
  • If you are looking for a watch with sparkling gemstones and a playful design, you attach importance to small details in your daily routine and can be enthusiastic about the beautiful things in life. 
  • If you prefer a wristwatch in rose gold instead of classic gold, you will demonstrate your fashion consciousness with the trendy colour. 

Which ladies' watch suits you?

The wonderful pieces in our online shop can be a real pain to choose from when making a purchase decision. But depending on the model and the situation, our high-quality wristwatches and chronographs will underline your personal style or even change it. This starts with the materials of the wristband. A leather strap is considered to be the classic par excellence: leather guarantees the highest level of wearing comfort and is available in many designs and colours. A bracelet made of metal such as stainless steel looks particularly elegant - especially when the case shines in silver or a gold tone. Ladies who like to be sporty, on the other hand, will appreciate wristwatches made of plastic or a rubber strap, which is hardly damaged by water or sweat. When making your choice, also look for high water resistance as soon as you are outside in wind and weather. Models from 20 bar are suitable as robust everyday companions. 

Buy ladies' watches online at Zeitlounge

Which ladies' watch suits you best is defined less by a specific model in black, white and co., but by the way you can reflect your personality in your watch. Our wide range of beautiful timepieces will give you what you are looking for, whether it is a treat for yourself or the perfect gift! When beauty and shine isn't everything, and you want to know more about the technical details, our watch experts will be happy to equip you with more information about the individual models and look forward to making your acquaintance!