Gents Watches

For a memorable appearance, it is essential to underline one's own type and to choose a men's wristwatch that flatters one's personal sense of style. If you feel comfortable in your outfit and with your watch, this radiates to the people around you and elegantly underlines your own style. Fashion and accessories such as watches and jewellery can do much more than just dress us well - they emphasize our individuality. We carry a wide range of exclusive wristwatches for men: from big brands to small price and fashionable pieces that expand the assortment. Discover men's watches from Zeitlounge as your new ultimate companion!

Stylish accessories: an affordable men's wristwatch for every occasion

Men's wristwatches are an excellent addition to any outfit, which only becomes a real highlight with timelessly stylish details. These precious gems are available in our online shop in diverse and tastefully composed variations, and thus find a new home on every fashion-savvy wrist. When you buy your new men's watch online, you benefit not only from an immense selection, but also from high quality at a good price. Whether it's a timeless men's watch in gold or an athletic chronograph in black and stainless steel: in our outlet, the stylish timepieces measure time with pinpoint accuracy from any location and are available to the man of the world for a fair price.

Branded men's watches: Exciting design, high quality and particularly good offers online

In addition to a visually appealing exterior, it's the inner values that count when it comes to high-quality watches – the fine pieces in our online shop can impress with their incorruptible precision. Selected materials from major watch manufacturers promise exclusive and unique wearing comfort, making our models an indispensable and reliable companion in your everyday life. The distinctive Tissot men's watches ensure a strong character on every occasion. Baume & Mercier men's watches are multifaceted lifestyle timepieces in vintage style. However, if you prefer something more extravagant and futuristic on your wrist, you will find a new companion among the Hugo men's watches. Timex men's watches offer a strong design and many practical features such as a calendar function.

From classic men's watches in gold and silver to refined chronographs

From diver's watches, pilot's watches and chronographs to timeless wristwatches and smart watches: when it comes to masculine watches, our range offers an extensive selection. When choosing a suitable model for yourself or as a gift, it depends not only on your personal taste, but also on the occasion for which you want the piece of jewellery:

For leisure and casual dress, you can cut a fine figure with a simple wristwatch in black, as well as with an extravagant model. Casual watches can also be a little more sporty, such as a chronograph with a stop function and other additional functions to make your everyday life easier. 

On formal occasions, men go for a classic outfit and watch. A simple wristwatch in gold or silver is a good choice here.

Quartz, automatic, analogue or digital? Which one is the right men's watch?

These valuable pieces of jewellery combine a perfectly designed look with the highest level of functionality, so they always tell you the exact time. You can rely on a mechanical watch or decide whether the time should be displayed in analogue or digital form. On digital watches, the time is displayed in electronic numerals, while on analogue models the dial is adorned with classic hands. A modern men's watch can also have additional displays to provide a clear overview and high accuracy of the time. 

Quartz or automatic? Another criterion for differentiating between watches is the movement that drives the timepiece. Most watches today are made as automatic watches, where the mainspring is wound by movements. However, you can also opt for a mechanical timepiece with manual winding - these traditional watch models give their wearer a touch of nostalgia in a fast-moving age. Quartz watches, on the other hand, are driven by quartz movements on the inside and draw their energy from a battery. This is also the reason why you hardly ever have to adjust a quartz watch. 

Which men's watch suits you?

Unforgettable appearances are generated with futuristic extravagant watches, while puristic and discreet men's wristwatches perfectly express the so-called "understatement". There are also watch styles for every direction:

  • Extravagant timepieces testify to self-confidence and can also be worn tastefully in the office and during leisure time. 
  • Discreet watch models can be worn wherever you do not want to attract attention with them. This way, you check the time from the background without attracting much attention from others and always stay on your toes. 
  • A chronograph is sporty and technocratic at the same time, and provides its wearer with valuable services, especially during leisure activities. 

A significant part of the question, as to which model from our range suits you, is also determined by the strap that holds the case on your wrist. A classic for men is the leather band, which can be worn for any occasion. Bracelets made of metal, for example stainless steel, offer a wide range of variations and are available in various colours. No matter which model you choose, our stunning and detailed men's wrist watches will make your appearance not only special, but unique and impressive.

Suit up! Which watch goes with suits?

If you're wearing a suit, then you'll be right with a "less is more" style timepiece. With a watch in a timeless look in gold or silver, you signal to your counterpart taste and accuracy in matters of style. Since a metal bracelet can look a little sporty, gentlemen wearing a suit should prefer a piece with a leather strap. You can hardly go wrong with black or brown leather for a business outfit. However, it is important that the strap and watch match the colour of the shoes and belt.

Buy men's watches in the Zeitlounge online shop

Whether it's a business meeting, a sporting event or leisure time - you can find a suitable men's watch for every purpose at Zeitlounge. But quality-conscious watch lovers do not only focus on style, but also on technical details. German watch manufacturers such as Junghans, Bruno Söhnle and Co. as well as Swiss watches place high demands on these in order to satisfy their customers. Of course, you will also find top-quality watches that are produced outside of Europe. These include, for example, the Japanese brand Seiko

Do you need help in making a decision and want to get advice from our experts on the subject of watches? We can assist you with both classic models and novelties. If you are looking for a gift, we will also be happy to give you advice on our ladies' watches or selected jewellery. Feel free to contact us so that we can make your acquaintance!