Diving watches

Dive into a world where weightlessness and silence create a different sense of time! With Zeitlounge's divers watches, you can enjoy the fascination of sea creatures, plants and algae without time pressure. Like the waves, you dive up and down while the hands of your watch turn in circles without interruption. Find your new water-resistant dive watch now at our online store. 

Divers watches - jewels with depth

Watches for diving have been in demand since the 1950s. Scientists Hans Hass and Jacques-Yves Cousteau developed modern, small diving computers that enabled deep-sea divers to explore deep waters. The helium valve was invented in the 1960s to ensure that the watch would also work properly on land, where the pressure conditions were different. Since then, shattering of the watch glass has been in the past. Over time, special computers with depth gauges were developed as diving equipment for professional divers.

Today, amateur snorkelers and water sports professionals rely on innovative divers watches equipped with the latest technology. Screw-down crowns, luminescent hands and water-resistant straps are just a few of the important components that add depth to your underwater adventures!

Functions of our diving watches

Ready to start your dive? The first thing to look out for is the bezel, the rotating ring on the outside of the dial. The bezel allows you to mark the start of your dive and time your dive precisely. Automatic movements offer a particularly high level of safety because you do not have to wind the movement yourself and can therefore concentrate on other things. This includes the following diving watch features:

  • Helium valve that adjusts the negative pressure in the case to the ambient pressure so that the watch does not burst when you surface
  • Hours, minutes and seconds on a luminescent dial
  • Measurement of the exact time of the dive
  • The crown, which remains protected by the flank protector, the screw thread and several gaskets

Diving watches on the test bench - what to consider when buying!

Unlike their counterparts on land, underwater watches have to meet special specifications in order to withstand the water pressure at depth. For divers, this is an important factor in ensuring safety and the best possible deep diving experience. Of course our diving watches comply with the guidelines that are expected of a modern divers watch today.

Water resistance to DIN 8310 / ISO 2281

Are you looking for a beginners divers watch that will take you deep underwater? Then we recommend a model with a water resistance of at least 20 bar. This is equivalent to a depth of around 190 metres and is the minimum requirement for a watch to be officially recognised as a diver's watch. We also offer watches with water resistance up to 50 bar. These allow you to go extra deep almost anywhere.

Note: If your diving watch is also a chronograph, pay attention to the crown and pushers. The watch will be slightly less water-resistant when the elements are operated underwater because the pressure increases. You can easily avoid this by making the adjustments before diving and letting the precision timepiece work automatically.

DIN 8306 / ISO 6425 requirements for our models

Diving watches can only withstand the pressure underwater if they meet special requirements. These requirements are set out in the DIN 8306 standard or the international ISO 6425 specification. Some of the most important criteria you will find in our samples are the following:

  1. The watch must be able to withstand a pressure of at least 20 bar for two hours and then remain submerged for three hours at a depth of three metres.
  2. Concrete time spans can be measured with the rotatable bezel.
  3. Illumination is provided on the hands and markings.
  4. The sample shall be non-magnetic.
  5. The bracelet must withstand a minimum pull of 40 kilograms.
  6. The crown and case have passed the condensation test to ensure maximum water resistance.
  7. The diver's watch remains watertight even after an impact test at 4.4 m/s.

The most important factor is water resistance, so that materials such as the case and bracelet can withstand the pressure.

Divers watches in different versions

Ladies and gentlemen can rely on our waterproof watches, which are characterised by high precision and legibility of the numerals. In our online shop, you will find shapes and materials that can withstand the pressure of water at depths of up to 500 metres. This applies to both the sturdy case and the strap, which is made of metal or materials such as plastic and rubber. The timepieces can be worn for professional or recreational diving. Different dial colours such as black, silver, blue and more will accompany you through the depths of the water.

To ensure that your watch fits perfectly, you can choose from a range of clasps, including a folding clasp and a safety clasp. The deeper you want to go, the tighter the strap should be around your wrist. However, leave enough room to avoid bruising.

Order diving watches at the Zeitlounge online shop

Are you looking to add some diving time to your routine? You have come to the right place. Be aware of the time underwater at deep-sea diving or light beach swimming. With the shatterproof sapphire crystal and a resistant stainless steel case, you will always be on the right track in all underwater regions. At the same time, you own a reliable timepiece in stylish design. Swim with the fishes and use your divers watch for men or women watch to reach adventurous depths or snorkel in the sea.

At Zeitlounge you can benefit from our expert knowledge of the many watches produced in famous cities such as Geneva, Glashütte and Co. If you have any questions about our products or need help making the right choice, feel free to contact us. From ladies', men's and children's watches from Citizen, Seiko and other brands to pocket watches and digital watches, we recommend only the best!

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What is a diving watch?

A diving watch is a specially designed timepiece that is water-resistant and built to withstand the pressures of underwater diving. These watches are essential tools for divers to track time underwater and ensure safe dives.

Do divers watches require regular maintenance?

Like any mechanical or electronic device, diving watches benefit from regular maintenance. This may include water resistance checks, cleaning, and servicing of the movement. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for maintenance intervals.

Are there specific guidelines for using a diving watch underwater?

Yes, when using a diving watch underwater, make sure you've properly sealed and locked the crown and ensure the watch is water-resistant to the depth you plan to dive. Be vigilant with your dive time, and follow your dive table or dive computer for safety.