Automatic watches

Visually appealing and, above all, incredibly practical in everyday life: automatic watches wind themselves - as the name suggests - completely automatically while you move your arm. For this reason, no batteries are needed. Compared to mechanical watches with manual winding, the accuracy is also higher. Watch lovers are thrilled by the complex mechanics that go into a timepiece with automatic winding. In terms of appearance, self-winding watches, including chronographs, grant everything that watchmaking has to offer: Whether sporty and dynamic, elegant and filigree or simple and puristic – automatic timepieces meet the design taste of every watch lover.

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At Zeitlounge, you will find a large selection of quartz as well as automatic watches for men that stand out for their exterior as well as their interior. You will also find a huge selection of self-winding watches for women in our online shop. Choose a classic pocket watch with timeless design, one of the wristwatches from renowned manufacturers such as Tissot or a chronograph with a sporty character. The latter always cuts a fine figure on your wrist, not only in everyday life or at a chic party, but also during a fitness session.

The birth of the automatic watch

Watches that wind themselves by movement - that was a minor sensation in the 18th century. Before the invention of the automatic timepiece, the clockwork had to be regularly wound by hand as in mechanical watches. With the predecessor of the automatic watch as we know it today, Abraham-Louis Perrelet revolutionized the understanding of how watches work. This lives on in the current collections of self-winding watches and enjoys great popularity.

The mechanics behind the watch: how self-winding watches work

Self-winding watches turn the wearer into a source of energy. People who wear the pieces generate the necessary energy with their movements through the built-in rotor. This eliminates the need to tension the spring as in mechanical watches with manual winding. In addition, unlike a watch with quartz, no battery is necessary. Automatic watches are equipped with a clockwork as well as an additional mechanism that converts kinetic energy into potential energy. When the wearer moves his or her wrist and thus the watch, the spring of the timepiece is tensioned because the oscillating mass is subject to gravity. Even when the motion stops, the timepiece still runs accurately due to its power reserve, which saves energy to move the clockwork. A self-winding clockwork is also more durable than a mechanical movement.

Ladies' and men's automatic watches for every taste

Because they are self-winding, automatic watches are very easy to handle. They also run particularly smoothly. This explains the great popularity of these accurate timepieces among men and women. An automatic wrist watch proves to be a reliable everyday companion that ensures that you never forget the time. The classic men's watch with a strap made of fine leather is particularly elegant. For a sporty look, we recommend models with a simple leather strap, such as those offered by Swatch. For the nostalgic, a pocket watch made of stainless steel is a very stylish accessory and a classic timepiece.

The right care for automatic watches

Brands such as Tissot combine impeccable workmanship, high-quality materials such as stainless steel and sapphire crystal as well as a striking design in their accessories for women and men. However, in order for you to enjoy your timepiece for a long time, it will need a little care every now and then. A damp cloth is sufficient to clean the automatic watch. It is better to stay away from abrasive cleaning agents. Experts recommend that self-winding watches be professionally serviced every three to five years. Among other things, the watch will be tested for accuracy. Even though wrist watches and chronographs with automatics draw their energy from your arm movements, you should still handle them with care, because automatic timepieces prefer gentle movements.

A stylish storage option: the watch winder

Timepieces with an automatic clockwork wind themselves through the movement of the wearer. Insofar as the watch is fastened to their wrist throughout the day, this happens as if by itself and without the owner even noticing. However, if an automatic ladies' or men's watch is not used for several days, the timepiece will stop - despite the integrated power reserve, which activates as soon as no movement is registered. If you plan to wear your automatic watch only on special occasions, the purchase of a watch winder makes perfect sense. Not only does it ensure the constant automatic movement of the timepiece, thereby winding it. It also serves as an elegant storage option, underlining the high quality of your timepiece and putting it in the best light.

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