Since the 19th century the watch industry has been producing high-quality watches in Switzerland, Germany, the US, and Japan. Brands like Tissot, Junghans, Tommy Hilfiger, Seiko and Co. are the dream of every watch lover. Zeitlounge focuses on watches with mechanical movements, high-precision quartz watches and chronographs for men and women. In our wide range of watches you can find coveted novelties like digital and automatic watches as well as modern smartwatches. Choose between new high-quality wristwatches as well as valuable jewellery like necklaces, rings, and other shiny pieces.

Watches: Functional, exciting and always an eye-catcher!

Tastefully matched to an outfit, watches complement any look skilfully and leave plenty of room for your own creativity. In addition to jewellery such as necklaces, rings and earrings, wristwatches in rose gold, white, or black are among the most important accessories for an individual feel-good style.

As ladies’ and men’s watches, the small watches can be combined with your look in many ways and are extremely handy. Our wristwatches have the following functions, among others, to make your everyday life easier:

  • Stop function (chronograph, stopwatch, etc.)
  • Date display
  • Alarm function (alarm clock)
  • Illumination of dial and pointer
  • Integrated calendar 
  • Display of moon phases
  • Different time zones

Watches – an enrichment for young and old

Choose between numerous watches and brands in our range and pick the right ladies’ or men’s watch in black, gold, gray and other colours to express your personality. Boys and girls also benefit from our high-precision watches from the early stages of life onwards.

Children’s watches then and now

Children are reliably accompanied by their ticking friends through kindergarten and everyday school life. Typically, they choose a wristband and case in bright and friendly colors which suit them best. Our children’s watches help the little ones learn to read the clock accurately right from the start. The feature “very easy to read” plays an important role while selecting a watch, because the wristwatch does not only show the hours, but also the exact minutes. Thus, the little ones have fun to find out how late it is!

For technology enthusiasts, we offer selected watches such as smartwatches, which can be worn by boys and girls as a children’s watch and by adults as a ladies’ or men’s watch. The watches have a particularly high accuracy, reliable battery lifeand are designed in such a way that you no longer have to worry about adjusting the clock manually. Thus, the wristwatch changes timezones at the beginning of summer and winter time all by itself!

Watches for men and women

Classic, sporty, extravagant or casual? Ladies are spoiled with the great choice of watches in gold or silver. If the decision is too difficult, just go for the bicolour ladies watches from Tommy Hilfiger, Mido and other brands! Thus, both colours become shiny eye-catchers on your wrist in (form of) stainless steel or real fine gold. For men, the same applies: With a man’s watch in gold or silver, you either draw the full attention to yourself or keep your personality discreetly in the background. With bicolour watches, you stand out from the crowd with a distinctive and individual look. There are no limits to your choice of colours so simply choose between black, white, gold, rose gold, blue, brown or other colours. The same applies to additional jewellery like rings, earrings, and bracelets that will look their best next to your wristwatch.

Watches like chronographs for men and women do not only look good at first sight, but also provide you with very high accuracy. Chronometers have an accuracy of -4/+6 seconds per day and are therefore perfect as a daily companion.

Sparkling Watches: be the centre of attention

A discreet watch adds that extra dose of elegance to a casual outfit, while a masculine and sporty stainless steel chronograph provides an interesting break in style to a feminine, playful look. However, you can also go for eye-catching watches in black and a contrasting colour that will put you in the centre of attention and suit your personality as an extreme athlete and extrovert, for example.

Detailed and high-quality processed wristbands made of leather, rubber, and Co. feature a high wearing comfort and excellent durability, which make them the ideal accessory for young & old. Robust and beautiful materials give your magnificent specimen the finishing touches to be a faithful companion at day and night. Choose between the following materials: 

  • Stainless steel
  • Fine gold
  • Zircon 
  • and others 

Choose your perfect match!

Watches have been used for several centuries and give you the most accurate times possible. Depending on the movement of the watch, it is a mechanical, quartz or an automatic watch. A chronograph, for example, can be a quartz watch that runs simultaneously by automatic function and can be found in high-end luxury watches. In their movement, each watch – whether quartz or chronograph – offers full performance for every user!

Mechanical watches

With a mechanical watch, you get a classic in the history of watches. These watches are wound by hand and have been used as pocket watches since the 1300s. If you pick a mechanical watch from MeisterSinger, Junghans or similar brands, you always carry a touch of contemporary history on your wrist and can look forward to a precise gear train, a high-performance drive and reliable escapement.

Automatic watches

In the early 20th century, automatic watches, that have a power reserve of up to 12 hours, were developed. Today’s watches even reach peak values of 80 hours and more. With these powerful watches, you can fully concentrate on your work even under stressful conditions, while the watch continues to tell you the correct time.

Quartz watches

Longevity and stamina are mainly reflected in quartz watches, which first appeared on the watch market in 1969 by the Japanese watch manufacturer Seiko. Quartz is also found in alarm clocks, through which the quartz watch can run for years on a battery. This is possible with our watches from Jaguar, Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors and Co.

Ticking watches that redefine your sense of time at Zeitlounge

You are looking for a new, shiny watch? Choose one of the watches from our online store to become your new favourite wristwatch. Our selection of high-quality watches from well-known brands such as Swatch, Tommy Hilfiger or Citizen inspire, in addition to our jewellery, with a wide range of facets that offers something for every taste. Whether rings, earrings, or bracelets in rose gold and silver – at our shop, you can get ladies, men’s and children’s watches in silver, rose gold, black, blue and other colours.

Is a chronograph the watch you are looking for? Or are you thinking of a quartz watch? In our assortment, you can find a range of men’s and women’s watches made of stainless steel and other high-quality materials. Whether it’s a masculine men’s watch made of stainless steel, a feminine women’s watch in rose gold, a precise watch with oscillating quartz or advanced smartwatches – grab your desired wristwatch and style it in the way you like!

Frequently asked questions

When were watches invented?

Watches were first developed by Abraham-Louis Perrelet (1755–1841) who was born in Geneva, Switzerland. He began his career as a watchmaker at age 14. In 1784, he moved to Paris, where he worked for the famous horologist Jean-Antoine Lépine. His first invention was a pocket watch, which he called the "Perregaux" after himself.

How do watches work?

A watch consists of several parts, including the movement or mainspring, the winding mechanism, the escapement, the balance wheel, the gear train, the hands, the dial, etc. The movement is responsible for keeping track of the hours, minutes, seconds, date, etc., while the winding mechanism winds the spring inside the case back into position. The escapement releases the energy stored in the spring every hour, minute, or second. The balance wheel, along with the gears, is used to regulate this release of energy. The hands move around the dial to display the correct information. The dial itself tells what time it is through the use of numbers and/or symbols.

Should watches be tight or loose?

Watches should always be loose. If your watch strap becomes too tight, then the spring mechanism inside may become damaged. Loose straps allow the watch movement to move freely without being restricted.