Children's watches

Even before children take the big step into elementary school, they have their first experiences with learning the correct time in kindergarten. Our children’s watches for boys and girls from brands like Festina, Flik Flak and Co. will help your darlings to learn the clock. In our online store, you can order high-quality children’s watches in numerous forms and designs at a low price. Look through our selection of bestselling models and collect inspiration for future purchases. 

Kid’s watches in cool and adventurous designs

Pretty princesses, Mickey Mouse, Harry Potter, wild animals and big machines – we offer a wide variety of popular children’s watches with exciting motifs in pink, blue, black, white and other colours. Thus, the little ones can carry their great childhood heroes everywhere with them – so learning the correct time happens playfully. How about a Disney analogue watch as a special gift to make your kid’s eyes shine brightly? 

For children, the focus is more on the colourful design of the bracelet watches than the technology behind it. Therefore, be sure to follow our ideas for the perfect gift. Wristwatches also fill children with pride, which makes them happy to wear a clock around their wrist. 

Some of our favourite models for kids with nice features are: 

Children’s watches for boys and girls

Boys and girls watches are, among other things, cheeky, cheerful, casual and technocratic with motifs from prehistoric to modern times. A dinosaur or Lego motif are among the favourites for boys and easily become their faithful companion. At Zeitlounge you can find children’s wristwatches that captivate with their appearance, are well-made and arouse interest in time.

For girls as well as boys, wristwatches in pink or rose, with animals, flowers, or fairytale motifs are highly popular. Rummage through our bright collection of princess models and other designs to find the right watch for your favourite girl. They will wear their girls’ watches with pride as jewellery on their wrist.

How children benefit from our robust watches

A second hand on a clear dial not only sharpens the child’s sense of time, but also their punctuality, accuracy, and independence. This allows your child to develop positive qualities at an early age that will accompany them throughout their lives.

To ensure that the first owned wristwatch is worn in the long term, it should have, additional features like, for example, a sturdy case made of stainless steel 316L. This special alloy ensures that children’s sensitive skin remains protected from allergic reactions. A big plus for the watch is if its glass is made of sapphire or mineral glass, as this keeps the inner technology protected from heavy loads caused by hectic arm movements. As you know, children run and romp a lot, thus the watch needs to be stable.

In quiet moments, the watch can be optimally used as a learning watch. Thus, it should have a very good readability, which comes from the colourful and large hands. A comfortable wristband also ensures a steady grip and makes the children’s watch extremely slip-resistant. A specimen that is waterproof and can also be used in wind and weather also proves to be optimal for children, as they play outside a lot.

Choose the right wristband

To ensure that the children’s watch is not left at home, it must sit comfortably and be robust. You can count on high wearing comfort with the following materials of the bracelet, among others:

  • Leather and textiles: Neither excessive heat nor cold arise on the skin while wearing leather or textile wristbands. Playing on the playground with other kids is no problem as the material is made in one piece and your child won’t get stuck. Easy-fasten nylon strap watches are perfect for everyday wear, as they can easily be taken off and put on again.  
  • Rubber: They are very durable and elegant at the same time. Suitable for watch wearers who are on the move a lot. Rubber straps are a beloved option for children’s watches, as they are especially robust and can be cleaned easily.  
  • Metal: These models can also be cleaned quickly and make a very noble impression.

We already offer designs with simple operation, such as the Flik Flak models, which are a good choice as a first watch. Some of them can even be used for 3-year-olds.

Note: You should also make sure that the materials do not contain plasticizers, as these contain substances that are harmful to your child’s health. 

Which watch is better for children: analogue or digital?

When buying watches for children, you can choose between an analogue or digital dial. As a learning watch, we recommend the analogue version, since the correct reading of the time should first be learned consciously and manually. The movement is powered by quartz, so that learning is optimally supported by high accuracy.

When children get older, you can turn to digital watches, as they require a certain amount of abstraction. Digital timepieces with stepcounter, call function, GPS, alarm clock and Co. have a future-oriented technology and inspire young children and adults alike. 

Order a kid’s watch online at Zeitlounge

Little explorers can find the right watch at an early age in our online store, as we offer a wide range of children’s watches from various brands. From the classic children’s wristwatch to the modern Swatch for girls and boys – we even offer chronographs for toddlers (with an analogue clock), through which they quickly learn how time works. Parents, on the other hand, can access classic, simple, modern as well as sporty ladies’ and gents watches in the form of digital, diver, wall, pocket watches, smartwatches and Co. in our adult watches section.

You still have unanswered questions about individual watch models or need professional help in making a decision for yourself about our men’s and women’s watches from Fossil, Tissot and Scout? Our watch experts are available around the clock for you. We are happy to provide you with useful information and look forward to making your acquaintance!