With a chronograph, you are literally writing history. The term chronograph originates from ‘chrono’ (greek: cronos) which stands for ‘time’, and ‘graph’ (greek: grapheús) which comes from the word ‘write’ and thus stands for time writer. Thanks to their characteristic pushers on the side edges, thehigh-precision time recorderscan be operated in an instant. Thus, well-known brands such as Citizen, Junghans, Seiko and Co. include a stopwatch function for your purpose. The coveted jewellery pieces are available at Zeitlounge as ladies’ and men’s watches. Furthermore, you can style your own significant look with rings, necklaces, and bracelets!

From classic to modern chronographs – a mechanical timepiece!

Modern chronographs are part of a long tradition that can be traced back to the year 1914 and were introduced by Gaston Breitling. In the 19th century, Louis Moinet developed his famous ‘third's counter’, which went down in the history of watches as the first chronograph. However, the name chronograph appeared first five years later and was coined by the watchmaker Nicolas Mathieu Rieussec. The nowadays common double pusher models were launched in 1934, while the first chronograph with an automatic movement appeared in 1969. Until the 21st century, major watch manufacturers such as Hamilton, Emporio Armani, Lotus or Bruno Söhnle produced both ladies’ and men’s chronographs from the world-famous brand Glashütte.

Chronograph watches: The first impression counts!

Chronographs for men and women from our online store have the typical double pushers in the form of buttons. The upper one activates the timekeeping function – and when pressed again – the stop function. When you press the lower pusher, everything resets to zero. This stopwatch functionality is one chronograph function that can be used while cooking, parking, jogging and during other everyday activities for accurate time stamps. 

Sporty speed: 

An automatic chronograph makes a very sporty impression and is thus exactly what sports enthusiasts are looking for. Even at night when you are out and about, the illuminated dial lights up in the darkness. Watch manufacturers like Festina and Tissot, among others, are known for their sponsorship in cycling and motorsports to showcase their own models under extreme conditions. Their essential feature: speed and accurate timing!

Precise Timing

For chronometers, the daily rate deviation does not exceed -4/+6 seconds. These COSC controlled watches receive a special certificate for that. Precise chronometers such as Certina DS for men and women or models from Mido stand for excellent accuracy and can help every watch wearer to absolute punctuality. At the same time, if you own an automatic watch, you do not have to wind the movement by hand and can concentrate on other things. Some of our watches, for example from Tissot, are especially environmentally friendly, as they use solar power as their energy source.

Additional functions of a chronograph 

You want to measure split times? Get a double chronograph with a third pusher! This practical function can be useful during endurance training, when you need to divide your times into different sections on long distance runs. The function of the so-called drag hand named rattrapante dates back to the pilot’s watch in the early 20th century. Moreover, additional functions are used to precisely indicate larger periods of time. These can be, for example, the following:

  • Day of the week & correct date
  • Consideration of leap years
  • Lunar phase calendar
  • Time zones

Zeitlounge Chronographs from every angle

The sporty design of our men’s and women’s chronographs directly hints at the fast second hands, which are located on the three totalizers. On high-quality models, these are protected by a shatterproof watch glass – like mineral or sapphire. Anti-reflective sapphire glass in particular offers the optimum view in strong sunlight for precise measurement units. Similar to jewellery, some luxury watches catch the eye of the observer with real fine gold, zircons, and other precious materials. The overall impression is rounded off by the following materials in various designs: 

  • Case: for example, stainless steel 316L (also suitable for people with allergies)
  • Strap: leather, stainless steel, plastic, etc.
  • Clasp: clip, buckle, folding or safety clasp

The components are available in different colours and can range from simple and contrasting (as in children’s watches) to discreet and extravagant wristwatches. A chronograph stainless steel watch is ideal as formal wear on a wedding or a special work event. 

Buy a chronograph online at Zeitlounge

Are you interested in a precise chronograph at a reasonable price? Then you can choose from our wide range of wristwatches at Zeitlounge. Whether it’s a ladies’ or men’s watch, our online store is constantly updated with new and reliable timepieces – so keep checking. Simply select a watch in your favourite colour and turn your wristwatch into your new statement piece. For more technical details about your favourite watch, please feel free to contact us. Whether it’s a children’s, ladies’ or man’s watch – we look forward to providing you with useful information and welcome you to our store!