Smartwatches are more than trendy accessories: The combination of classic watch and smartphone makes your everyday life easier with many smart features. Of course, smart watches also reliably display the time. The modern smartwatch often hardly differs in design and appearance from the conventional timepiece. This makes the new generation of watches the perfect digital companion in all situations. As a stylish accessory, the smart timepiece always keeps you connected and up to date. Are you looking for a smartwatch to accompany you with style in everyday life? Then you will love the wearables in the Zeitlounge online shop! Whether Garmin, Fossil Q, Casio or an elegant Skagen – among our trendy smartwatches, ladies and gentlemen will find the perfect model as well as matching accessories!

From timepiece to smartwatch: a design equipped for all analogue and digital occasions

In the age of smartphones, no one needs a watch anymore? No way! The smartwatch offers a variety of functions, of which the watch on your phone can only dream. For example, it can be used as a stand-alone device with an integrated slot for the sim card, a fitness tracker or a heart rate monitor. The term smartwatch alone says a lot: The watch is no longer just a watch – through connectivity with the smartphone, smart watches grant you endless new possibilities. In important meetings, at formal instances and on many other occasions, the smartphone, of course, has to stay in your pocket while the watch is still at your disposal. With one glance at the display, you are promptly informed about all the latest news and notifications! A long battery life and faster charging guarantee the reliability of the watch, which lasts all day long.

Why smartwatches are digital all-rounders and loyal companions

As digital all-rounders, smart watches become loyal companions that you will certainly want to have around. The smart features will make your life so much easier! You will never miss a phone call again, you can check and answer your messages without attracting attention via the smartwatch at any time, or use the GPS function and Google throughout the day. You can also keep up to date with the activities in your social networks. The Smartwatch tells you the time just as reliably as any other timepiece but offers much more additional features: Listen to music, check your email, enjoy the comfort of contactless payments, use it for activity tracking or as an accurate sleep tracker.

Use your smartwatch as a fitness watch

Smartwatches are the ideal partner to keep track of the effectiveness of your workouts. During running sessions, you can always keep an eye on your pulse with the help of the heart rate monitor. With a GPS smartwatch, you not only record the distance you run, but also keep an eye on your speed. Through a companion app, you have your data backed up and analysed in an instant.

In addition to heart rate monitoring, smartwatches offer the following fitness features:

  • Measure your blood oxygen as a key indicator for overall health
  • Make use of the sleep analysis and track your sleep duration and sleep stages
  • Create a health report with ease

Overall, a smartwatch can be used as a fitness tracker, a heart rate monitor and for tracking sleep. This makes it the perfect companion on your fitness journey,

Smart is not just digital: modern technology in form of a stylish watch

Just because the wearable device connects you to the world, not everything about the smartwatch is digital. In addition to smartwatches with a digital display, there are also many devices with an analogue design that hardly differ from a mechanical timepiece in purely visual terms. The impression is perfected by a classic strap made of fine leather or shiny stainless steel - for ladies, often even decorated with more exclusive treasures. For the technology fans, on the other hand, the focus is on inner values such as Bluetooth, and as such you might prefer to buy a smartwatch that immediately shows its connectivity.

The most important smartwatch features at a glance

  • A perfect device for fitness tracking
  • Read your smartphone notifications on your watch
  • Always-on display for some models
  • Connect your android phone and iPhone via a companion app or bluetooth
  • Use your voice assistant on your smartwatch

Discover smartwatches for women and men at Zeitlounge

Whatever you wish for in your smart timepiece, everyone can find the right smartwatch at Zeitlounge. Choose between sporty models, elegant devices and flagship smartwatches. Of course, our range also includes the best novelties, as well as classic ladies' and men's watches. We also offer children's watches. Do you have any questions regarding the models, the price, various functions or one of our products? Our friendly service team will be happy to advise you and provide you with further information on request.