Learn from the masters by putting the precision and technical sophistication of MeisterSinger watches around your wrists. The masterpieces of German craftsmanship enchant with their impeccable appearance and also offer excellent power accuracy and reserve beneath the surface. In our online shop, we offer both classic and innovative novelties for women and men.


MeisterSinger: The watch manufacturer from Germany

In 2001, the German watch brand MeisterSinger was founded by Manfred Brassler in Münster. The company founder and his employees specialized in mechanical single-hand watches. The brand name is a reference to the 15th and 16th centuries, when middle-class singers and poets were called "Meistersinger". Many of them successfully pursued a practical craft, which is why the brand is modelled on old craftsmanship. The German watchmaker was the first to develop a one-hand watch with chronograph function and remained the market leader in this niche.

Whether single-hand watches in blue, white, black or gold - the timepieces require only one hand to interpret time as a single unit. These high-quality ladies' and men's watches are designed in a simple and clear look, behind which the quality inside is noticeable below the surface. 

Special features of MeisterSinger watches

With MeisterSinger, you immediately notice the single needle hand, which makes it easier to read off the exact time. The classic look is combined with innovative watch technology, which catches the eye of watch lovers with its individual features. Among the various collections, these include the following: 

  • Hand-wound or automatic watch
  • 5-minute increments on the 1 to 12 o'clock positions
  • Very elegant shapes due to domed watch glasses
  • Watches driven by Swiss movement from Eta, Sellita or own movements

Info: All models are mechanical watches for ladies and gentlemen, hand-wound or automatic.

MeisterSinger's little watch ABC: A wide range of collections to choose from at Zeitlounge

In the beginning there was the N°01. As a circular watch, it still stands out today with its classic appearance and shaped all its successors in the years to come. Building on this, the individual components were continuously developed so that unique features could emerge in the new collections.

Astroscope: back to the beginnings

A stellar moment for the watchmakers at MeisterSinger came with the Astroscope watches. Following a mythological model, the days of the week are associated with seven celestial bodies, causing pure excitement among amateur astronomers.

Tip: The Lunascope models have an additional moon phase display that allows you to keep an eye on the time day and night. You will even find some versions with a sunburst pattern.

Circularis: With exclusive movement

A luxurious single-hand timepiece at the highest level! Polished stainless steel and anti-reflective sapphire crystal not only ensure high gloss from the outside, but also indicate the high quality on the inside. The Circularis collection convinces the wearer with an automatic movement developed by MeisterSinger itself, whose power reserve allows up to 120 hours! With these watches, self-winding is completely automatic and practically runs by itself.

Metris: With resistance through everyday life

Very good legibility and robust materials help ladies as well as gentlemen to get through everyday life safely and quickly. The skin-friendly 316L stainless steel nestles gently around the wrist and effectively protects the fine watch mechanics from shocks.

Special features: stable, durable and aesthetic. This is ensured by the typical sweeping case that protects the dial.

Neo: New concept with second hand

Classic meets modern! Reminiscent of the 1950s, the Neo pieces stand out in the centre of the dial with an innovative date display that always catches your eye. Experimental watchmakers ensured that specimens from this range have a second hand. Completely outside the box!

Pangaea: Historical classic

If you are looking for timeless elegance, you will find it in this collection. Designed after historical watches, the timeless models know how to convince with their simple and clear design. Bracelets made of leather meet automatic rotors that skilfully combine the old with the new.

Perigraph: The wheel of time turns analogue

Start the day with certainty every morning - that's possible with the Perigraph, which scores with an analogue date ring. It rotates around the centre of the dial and the date changes every time at 00:00, which is visualized by a small arrow.

Salthora: Punctual to the minute until the end

With the Salthora, the focus is on the minute display! In steps of five, the original 1 to 12 o'clock positions contain individual minute indications - from 5 to 55. The 00:00 o'clock position shows you exactly the current hour, which changes automatically when a new hour begins. This guarantees very good readability with only one minute hand!

Order MeisterSinger watches in the Zeitlounge online shop

In addition to the Metris, Neo and Pangaea models, we also have numerous other MeisterSinger models on offer. Whether Urban or Phanero - in the long run, our watches turn out to be true gems that pair innovation with tradition and embellish the wrist in an instant. 

Would you like more background on individual brands, series, or general information about your ladies' or men's watches? Feel free to contact us, and we will professionally take care of your request as watch experts! With German watch brands such as Bruno Söhnle, Junghans and Co. you always carry a high-quality watch with you.