Pocket watches

Let a noble and classic pocket watch take you back to the style of past centuries. With such a high-quality timepiece, you are guaranteed to catch everyone's eye. Gold pocket watches are luxuries and have an expansive look, while silver pocket watches are perfect for everyday wear. Have you heard about the largest pocket watch to date? It has a diameter of 4.7 meters and is the biggest in the industry.

Pocket watches: An authentic timepiece for special occasions

Are you looking for a watch that combines form and function in a particularly elegant way and is an eye-catcher? A pocket watch from our range is the right choice then. During the 16th century, these noble timepieces were status symbols and represented a person's wealth and prosperity. A mechanical pocket watch not only had functional properties, but also fulfilled visual purposes as a valuable fashion accessory. In the course of the 20th century, wristwatches gained in popularity, whereupon pocket watches gradually fell out of fashion and were replaced by more modern timepieces. Today, you can get a modern pocket watch or an antic timepiece – choose your personal favourite. 

The watches are available in a wide variety of designs, so select the pocket watch style that suits you best. Are you a pocket watch specialist? You can either wear it with a chain around your neck, in a jacket or waistcoat pocket or simply attached to your waistband. The hours, minutes, and seconds are displayed without unnecessary bells and whistles. Add this classic to your watch collection, and wear it out to the next theatre or opera premiere. 

Exclusive pocket watches in careful workmanship

In early times, men mostly wore a pocket watch on a chain attached to their jacket or in a waistcoat or trouser pocket. Women, on the other hand, preferred to wear the watches at the waist or on as a necklace. The round shape of the pocket watches and the elegant glass panel are timeless, elegant and extremely suitable for special occasions. Many models have a high-quality spring cover that reveals the dial at the touch of a button and reliably protects it from damage. From verge escapement in the early times to lever escapement – antique pocket watches as well as modern ones are 

The timepiece fits comfortably in your hand and comes with a pocket watch chain that can be used in different ways. A pocket watch of this type is also called a savonnette. The white dial looks classy yet simple, so a lady or a gentleman can wear the timepiece and combine it universally with a variety of outfits. These watches come with a practical and beautiful carrying case. Choose a pocket watch that can be worn on many occasions and always looks elegant.

Noble watches for every occasion

Show your personal style with the timelessly chic pocket watches from our extensive range. These special pieces of jewellery impress with their noble look and careful manufacturing, robust materials and a reliable mechanism that will never let you down. You can wear the chain strap around your neck or attach it to your jacket so that you can carry the timepiece with you at all times and keep it from slipping out of your pocket. 

These watches are well suited for special occasions as well as for a day at the office, as they combine simple elegance with high-quality mechanics and a robust finish. With a pocket watch, you have an eye-catcher that will steal the show wherever you go. Therefore, as a watch lover, this is a classic for your collection. 

Timeless classics as a highlight

When you buy a pocket watch, you are buying a classic timepiece that has been given a new life with a more modern interior and an improved look. These special watches not only have a noble exterior, they also show you the time – sometimes at the touch of a button. The timekeeping device is called the balance wheel (mechanical pocket watches) which rotates back and forth.

High-quality and extremely careful workmanship ensure an excellent longevity of the watches. The cases of the pocket watches are mostly made of brushed stainless steel and are available in many colours such as gold, rose gold or silver. In addition, a layer of robust mineral glass ensures the integrity of the dial, which usually comes in silver or white. Inside the timepiece is a quartz, automatic or mechanical movement, while the time is displayed in the form of thin lines, curved numbers or traditional Roman numerals. After buying a pocket watch, you carry a small piece of watchmaking art with you in every aspect. 


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