Digital watches

Elvis Presley and Roger Moore led the way: In the 1970s, they were on the cutting edge when the first digital watches came onto the market. To this day, the electronic timepieces are worn by people in business, sport and leisure at any time of day. These modern watches with their digital display and long-lasting battery life can be worn by both men and women. In order to learn the time from a young age, we also offer these popular beauties as children’s watches

Digital designs: vision and revolution

Digital watches are like modern jewellery. In 1972, the watch brand Hamilton achieved the feat of bringing the first digital watch onto the market. The goal: accuracy in perfection for decades to come! During this time, modern watches from Casio, Fossil and Lotus, among others, developed into high-tech products! These accurate wristwatches are the dream of every watchlover. Furthermore, they work as a multisport watch and range from expensive watches to affordable children’s options.

The technology check: digital watches and their functions 

Digital watches are radio-controlled watches, stopwatches, alarm clocks and smartwatches all in one! Here, the change of digits takes place directly, without the need for a dial with moving hands. The digital display allows children to see immediately whether it is 20:00 in the evening or 08:00 in the morning. The technology goes hand in hand with its watch wearer when it provides the following useful functionalities:

  • Precise time measurement as with a chronograph
  • Exact time
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Alarm function
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Countdown
  • Heart rate
  • Displays in illuminated colour (LCD display)
  • Displays the day of the week, date, moon phase and much more.

High-resolution displays with large digits ensure very good legibility, especially for children, and are equally well pronounced day and night.

Are you looking for a chronograph watch or mechanical watches? In our shop you can find a variety of reliable masterpieces which show you the accurate time.

Digital watches for versatile purposes

As men’s or ladies’ watches, you can wear our electronic timepieces for any occasion. At a party, a family reunion or at work – wherever you put your trust in digital displays, you will make a progressive and sporty impression. The design of the sports watches is perfectly expressed by a wristband in silver or other colours. If you go for a wristwatch in gold, for example, you will get jealous looks with the combination of classic shine and contemporary LCD or OLED digital displays!

Our digital wristwatches are real multitaskers. On the high-contrast screen, information such as the time, second time zone and co. efficiently finds their place. This means you can always be in the right place at the right time, whether you are on holiday or a business trip with work, and focus on what’s important.

Smartwatches like apple watches are the new go to when it comes to a sporty look. They help you achieve your fitness goal with a health and fitness tracker. They tell you the time of day and can be seen as very accurate watches. The battery is empty? With the rechargeable battery, you never have to worry about changing it. 

How to put your digital watch around your wrist 

Whether bracelets in black, grey, blue or many other colours – the material of the wristwatch has to lie close to your wrist. Pay attention to the following: A small finger width should still fit between the back of the case and the material of the bracelet. You can adjust the tightness of leather and metal watch straps individually to your needs.

The same applies to digital watches: Which design is perfect for everyday wear? Depending on the type, you can choose between round and square cases. These are available from us in shades ranging from green to pink and gold, making the jewellery pieces suitable as a men’s and women’s watch. Even their dials light up in different colours in the dark, depending on the model.

Robust materials, which have been carefully processed by the watch manufacturers, ensure a long wearing comfort. Thus, they are excellent sports watches. The quality is reflected on the surface as soon as you look at the shatterproof mineral or sapphire glass. This is enclosed by other materials such as stainless steel, leather, textile and plastic, and gives the watch lover an individual feeling for time.

Digital or analogue? Finding the right model

If you are in a hurry to make a purchase decision as you are to read the time, analogue watches can give you an immediate boost with a cursory glance. However, if the focus is on telling the exact time, digital watches give you a very easy-to-read second-by-second display. No matter from which angle you look at your watch – high precision is achieved, especially with the digital version. 

Advice: For the indecisive, we recommend our chronographs for men and women. In this category you can find models with classic components such as the dial and watch glass from brands such as Seiko, Citizen, Festina and Co. If you look very carefully, we offer selected Certina watches to put in your shopping basket. These watches are known for their particularly high accuracy.

Order digital watches for women and men in our online shop

In terms of accuracy and longevity, our modern digital watches shine for years to come and are reliable timepieces. Whether in a meeting, on the sports field or at the beach – our digital timepieces withstand even humid environments with a high water resistance of around 20 bar. Is maximum water protection high on your list of priorities? Then pick up one of our diving watches, with which you can dive without worry.

Our digital watches work all by themselves, while you keep moving and hardly need any maintenance. With proper care, our watches can even be used for a lifetime! The batteries of hybrid models – if you want to rely on solar watches – are recharged by UV-light. As pocket watches, these little gems can quickly disappear into your trouser pocket again. We offer a range of watches from expensive timepieces to affordable children’s options.

Are you experiencing technical problems with your digital children’s, ladies’ or men’s watch? Feel free to contact us and our competent watch experts will provide you with the right information for all types of watches: from classic quartz and automatic watches to innovative electronic watches. Your choice can also be refined with our accessories such as matching watch straps, while our sparkling jewellery will really show off your watch from famous brands like Casio, Lorus, Nixon and more. We look forward to making your acquaintance!