Flik Flak

Colourful, lively and very comfortable to wear - a children's watch from the Swiss watch brand Flik Flak, which belongs to the Swatch Group, is convincing all along the line. But not only a cheerful design is important for a kid’s first watch. A children's watch should also be characterized by safe workmanship, be robust and durable, and have a light mechanism that is easy to operate. Flik Flak children's watches combine exactly these characteristics. A watch of this brand accompanies your child through a long day full of new, exciting experiences - a piece that is worn with pleasure on the wrist and above all is a reliable companion into independence.

Flik Flak

Flik Flak - the children's watch from Swatch

Before you decide on a starter watch for your child, you should definitely compare different models. With its own brand Flik Flak, the Swiss watch manufacturer Swatch offers ideal models that are suitable as a beginner's watch for children. This is, because they have been specially designed to meet the needs of the little ones. Thanks to an easy-to-read, colourful dial with large numbers, children can easily learn to tell the time. The Flik Flak watches have a second, minute and hour display so the time can be read accurately. These product features make Flik Flak watches the perfect timepieces for the offspring. No wonder that Flik Flak watches are the favourite children's watches in the world.

Cheerful children's watches for boys & girls

With the cheerful concept of Swatch children's watches, reading the clock becomes child's play. The uncomplicated wristwatches make it easy for kids to learn how to tell the time in everyday life. This is an important step for the little ones towards growing up. With the colourful and fun models for boys and girls, your child will not only learn how to read the clock, but also how to organize itself independently in everyday life and how to deal with time. 

Bright and flashy colours, childlike and cool motifs - Swatch offers a wide and convincing product range that meets every child's taste and spreads good mood right away. In addition, the Flik Flak watches are very comfortable to wear. The case is made of plastic and therefore hardly noticeable on the wrist. The lightweight feel of the watch means that children do not feel restricted, making this watch a comfortable everyday companion. The Swiss watch manufacturer also relies on high-quality workmanship of the materials and the quartz movement. This means that your child will enjoy the watch for a long time. A good price-performance ratio of the watches rounds off these articles - making them the perfect starter watch for children!

Swatch children's watches with high wearing comfort 

To ensure that our darlings regularly enjoy wearing their watch and that it becomes a real favourite on their wrist, comfort is key! Swatch children's watches are made of pleasantly light and flexible plastic. The textile straps, which are equipped with a pin buckle, fit slim wrists and provide an optimal wearing feeling, without pinching and twisting. Putting on and taking off a Swatch watch is also easy and can be done by the children themselves.

If the watch case or the strap gets a little dirty after a while, Flik Flak watches can be cleaned with a damp cloth. In addition, the strap of the watch is machine-washable at up to 40 degrees. 

Flik Flak children's watches - robust & durable

Children are little explorers and constantly on the move. Romping with friends, climbing around and being silly - wild and adventurous experiences in everyday life are not uncommon. Children's watches have to withstand such activities, and therefore usually have to endure more than watch models for adults. Shatter-proof, robust, durable and waterproof are attributes that are extremely important, especially in a children's watch. Flik Flak combines exactly these characteristics in their products and makes them long-lasting companions in children's everyday lives. 

Product features at a glance

  • Cheerful & child-friendly design
  • Variety of designs to suit all children's tastes 
  • Lightweight/comfortable to wear 
  • Unbreakable & robust 
  • Water resistance
  • Safe & high quality workmanship (case, quartz movement, strap)
  • Easy mechanisms & child's play to operate 
  • Easy to read the time 
  • Machine washable wristband
  • Excellent price-performance ratio 
  • 2 years warranty 

Buy Swatch watches for children online at Zeitlounge

Is it time for school? Children look forward to their first wristwatch with great anticipation. That's why it should be something very special! Give your child the gift of time, with a watch that is not only fun and spreads joy, but is also a good starter. From colourful, cute patterns to adventurous animal motifs - a diverse range of designs offers the right watch for every taste that will make children's eyes light up. In the Zeitlounge online shop, you will find high-quality children's watches for beginners to whom the world is open. The wide product range from Swatch includes many colourful and fashionable models from the Flik Flak brand that will adorn your child's wrist. Small and larger models allow you to choose the right watch size. A Flik Flak children's watch will not only be loved by your child, but also by you, because these are reliable companions for your little offspring. 

Do you have any questions about the children's watches in our product range? We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about individual watch models. Please feel free to contact us.