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The Prospex collection by the Japanese watchmaker Seiko is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a sporty and functional watch. The models are designed for use in water, on land or in the air and are therefore also divided into the corresponding series SEA, LAND and STREET. Tailored to the requirements of each of these elements, they inspire athletes, outdoor enthusiasts and divers. Of course, these timepieces also cut a fine figure in everyday life.

Founded in 1881, Seiko is the epitome of Japanese watchmaking. The innovative technology timepieces are sold in over 30 countries. With the Grand Seiko premium line within the Prospex series, the manufacturer also offers particularly exclusive and noble examples. For example, the Marinemaster is limited to only 1,000 pieces and features golden indexes and hands as well as extremely durable sapphire glass.

Seiko Prospex

Seiko Prospex diving watches

The extremely resistant timepieces in the Prospex collection, such as the SLA019 or SPB077J1, are reinterpretations of the world's first divers' watches with a titanium case. The Professional Diver's 600 m, launched in 1975, was a response to a letter written to the watchmaker. In it, a professional diver complained that no timepiece could withstand the conditions under a diving bell at a depth of 300 metres. As a result, the Japanese company produced this diver's watch for him, setting a global standard in terms of innovation, robustness and technology.

Today, for example, the Diver King Samurai (SRPE33K1) and Turtle (SRPE 39K1) are reliable timepieces that meet professional diving standards at a moderate price and are water-resistant up to 20 bar. The company has built up an international reputation with these models and presents with each one a resistant automatic watch on the highest technical level.

The beginnings of the Seiko Prospex Diver watches

The interest in diving watches began to grow in the 50s and 60s. This was due to the new and modern technology that was revolutionising diving at that time. Suddenly, diving was no longer just for the military, but also for civilians. At the time, the number of diving clubs increased rapidly due to new professional gear such as compressed air and rebreathers.

The demands on the watch as well as the expectations of the divers were correspondingly high, as the manufacturer took on a certain responsibility for his customers. It was, and still is, a matter of survival to be able to measure time accurately underwater. In 1965, the Japanese finally responded to the demand for a functional and waterproof timepiece with the Seiko 6217 - Japan's very first diving watch. Today's models, such as the Divers SRPD and the Prospex Automatic SRPB, are in no way inferior to their predecessors, proving once again how functional and robust Japanese watches can be.

Seiko's PADI variants

PADI is the world's largest diving network with 6,500 dive centres and 136,000 members and is authoritative in the field of training organisation. Due to the partnership between the two institutions, which has existed since 2016, Seiko has designed a timepiece dedicated to the organisation. The models feature the PADI logo on the dial and the red-blue colour scheme in reference to the colours of the organisation. An example of this is the Prospex PADI SRPB99K1, which has a subtle wave pattern under the glasswork. The timepieces have a water resistance of up to 200 metres and are available as automatic watches, solar diving watches and as solar chronographs.


The use of Seiko Prospex watches is not limited to deep-sea adventures. Over time, sports lovers and adventurers have also found their way to the robust and high-quality outdoor watches of the SEA, LAND and STREET collections, with models such as the SPB automatic. While the SEA series is a classic diver’s timepiece that provides safe and reliable support for recreational and professional divers at depths of up to 1,000 metres, the LAND watches, for example, are the perfect outdoor and survival models. Since strong differences in altitude do not pose any problems for them, they are ideal for climbing and mountaineering. With the Seiko SPB automatic, for example, the alpinist can rely on an extremely safe and consistent timepiece. In addition to the high-quality workmanship, the sport watches also boast a chic and modern design.

The STREET series, on the other hand, comes as an urban men's watch and was inspired by the original Seiko diver models from 1975. The characteristic exterior and design have been retained, while the dimensions of the stainless steel and plastic case have been adapted to modern requirements. The silicone strap is, due to the durability of this material, equally suitable for urban everyday life and the outdoors.

All Seiko Prospex models convince with legendary designs and innovative technology. Most of the models are equipped with an automatic movement, but some selected pieces get their power from solar energy.

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Like no other watch collection, the Prospex series from the traditional Japanese company Seiko stands for a pronounced diversity within the sports and diving watches. New editions of historic models from the past recall the beginnings of the first timepieces for divers. Nostalgia and modern technology have been skilfully combined. If you are looking for a sporty and reliable timepiece that will support you in both outdoor and everyday life, you should take a look at our wide range of Japanese watchmaking art in our online shop! The individual models, whether men's or women's watches, impress not only with their tasteful design styles, but also with their sophisticated technology, which enjoys a high reputation in the watch industry worldwide.

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